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Songs to Live By


Songs To Live By is a 14-track Gospel-inspired album.  This unique collection features classic songs that speak to the deeper meaning of life.  The album is anchored by a number of old Gospel songs and includes a few covers from other genres as well as two Conrad Fisher originals.  The Conrad Fisher originals included on this album are “Forevermore” and “Somewhere.”



  1. Life is Like a Mountain Railroad
  2. It Was Jesus
  3. I’ve Got a Mansion
  4. There Is Rest By and By
  5. Forevermore
  6. Cat’s In the Cradle
  7. Buckaroo (instrumental)
  8. Run On
  9. Blowing In the Wind
  10. I Won’t Take Less
  11. The Old Account
  12. Blessed Jesus Hold My Hand
  13. Land Where No Cabins Fall
  14. Somewhere

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